Animal Cattle Service in El Dorado Hills CA

Animal Cattle Service in El Dorado Hills CA reflects important growth in the Cattle industry in the United States, and a major change that it underwent in the mid 1800s when the former model of European agriculture was changed into the more modern version due in some part to the extreme growth of the population because of the California Gold Rush. When this happened, suddenly cattle that had only been valued for skin and tallow, rendered fats used to make products including soap and candles, was greatly expanded because of the need for beef and dairy cattle to supply the fast growing population of the state.

Over a short amount of time this growth took place in areas across agriculture in California, due to the temperate climate, much like the Mediterranean climate, and the year-round growing season allowing for harvest of multiple crops provided the food that such a suddenly a large number of people needed to have. As well, important development took place to provide feeds, veterinary care and quality conditions to get the most from beef and dairy cattle that had become so important economically to California, so that now over 1.75 million cattle are now present, adding over 5 billion dollars each for beef and dairy cattle to be added to the largest agricultural economy in the USA.

Purina Mills have become a company at the forefront of nutrition for livestock, and because of the companies adherence to high quality in its products, including feeds, that has been developed over 90 years of dedicated and in-depth research into quality large animal nutrition.

The El Dorado Hills area of California produces a large quantity of organic produce, and the cattle from this area are used to make very high-quality milk, and related dairy products as well as provide beef through the desire to have the highest quality available for sale locally to California residents but throughout the USA. Now more than ever, these products are very sought after and to learn more about animal cattle service in El Dorado Hills CA, please browse our website.