Tired Of Taking Cold Or Lukewarm Showers? Have A Professional Water Heater Installation Performed In Jacksonville FL

If your water heater is running out of hot water or running up your electric bill, it’s probably time for a new Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL. When heating elements burn out on a hot water heater, you may be half completed with your shower when it turns to an icy rain on your head. This is probably not what you’re looking forward to if you want a nice long hot shower before bed or in the morning to wake up.

Heating elements will burn out quite frequently due to sediment build-up in your hot water tank. In addition, the water that comes into your home from a treatment facility can give you a white calcium build-up on the pipes leading into your hot water tank. If you have well water, sediment and minerals that naturally come from the ground can accumulate in the bottom of your tank, burning up the element and leaving you with cold water.

Installing a new hot water tank is not as easy as you think. You first need to let it cool and then drain. After you drain the hot water tank you need to cut the copper pipes and need a special pipe cutter to do that. Hooking the hot water tank back together requires welding experience so you get the correct connection of the copper pipes. If you’re not careful with a torch, you could catch your home on fire.
If you have a gas or propane hot water tank, the vent must be installed properly so you do not have gases released into your home. Another reason to have a Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL done by a professional plumber is the gas line. Proper connection of the gas line to your hot water tank is essential for you and your family’s safety. A gas leak could cause an explosion in your home.

Don’t try to install a hot water tank by yourself when you can call a professional. An energy efficient hot water tank can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. It’s also a safer alternative than having water or gas leaks by installing it yourself. For more information on a quality plumber, visit their website.

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