Air Conditioner Repair In Palm Harbor When Your Unit Freezes Up

If your air conditioner freezes up and it continues to run in this condition, it can cause the compressor to fail. Replacing the compressor is an expensive repair, so it’s best to determine the reason why your unit is freezing up to begin with. Below you’ll learn why air conditioners freeze up, how you can fix the problem and when you should call a technician for Air conditioner repair in Palm Harbor.

Improper Air Flow

If the air isn’t properly flowing through your air conditioning unit, this can cause a freeze up to occur. The reasons for improper airflow are numerous and one of the most common is a dirty air filter. Remove the filter from your unit and put a new one in if the old one is full of dirt and dust. Inspect the vents in your house to make sure that they aren’t closed or blocked, as this can prevent the airflow from reaching the evaporator coils. Look at the coils in your unit and clean them if they’re covered in grime. If the fan on your unit isn’t working, it’s unable to distribute the air properly through the unit, which can cause it to freeze up.

Refrigerant Leak

When the refrigerant leaks out of your air conditioner or the level is too low, this can cause the unit to freeze up and malfunction. When there isn’t sufficient refrigerant in the unit, the pressure in the evaporator coil decreases and moisture settles on the coil. As the moisture collects on the coil, it freezes up and your air conditioner can’t sufficiently cool your home. If you have an issue with the refrigerant in your air conditioner, contact an experienced technician who does Air conditioner repair in Palm Harbor to come to your home and service your unit. The technician can test the refrigerant level, check for leaks and fix your unit for you.

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