Tips to Help You Avoid Awkward Moments During a First Date

There is no question that a first date is stressful enough without having to deal with the awkward silences and moments that are likely to occur when you meet a brand new person. If you take the time to learn how to defuse these awkward moments, then you will feel more at ease and have a much better time while spending time with a new person. While there are a number of awkward moments that will be completely unavoidable, there are ways to choose your actions and words to help make them less likely to take place.

Avoid Hot Buttons

You need to avoid discussing any hot button issues. While you may be extremely passionate about women’s choice or universal health care, these are not the type of conversations that you want to talk to on a first date. If you wind up having extremely different opinions, the conversation may end with an awkward silence. You should also avoid any type of health topic – if you discuss the last time that you were physically intimate, then you will land right in the middle of awkward territory.

Plan Ahead

You need to plan the date in advance. You should not go into the date with an attitude of what happens will happen. It can be extremely awkward if you are just standing there with the other person, wondering what you should do. You need to work out the logistics of the date beforehand, including who is going to pay and how the date will end.

Make Jokes

Be sure that it is a good one. If there is a lull in the conversation or you have a misstep, then joking with your date may help you to get yourself out of the awkward zone. Be sure that you take note of your surroundings and make them laugh to help and defuse any awkward moment that may take place.

Ask Questions

The fact is that everyone loves the opportunity to talk about themselves. Ask about their education, interests and job, which will help to keep your conversation moving forward. However, when you ask questions make sure that it does not sound like you are interrogating or interviewing them.

When you are planning on dating in Rhode Island, then you need to be sure that you plan ahead. This will ensure that you have a great first date without the awkwardness that is commonly seen.

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