The Homicide Lawyer

Standing accused of a homicide is a seriously threatening charge that carries prison time, loss of all rights and many more extreme penalties. The chances of an acquittal or reduced charges is largely dependent upon the assistance of a Phoenix homicide lawyer. Homicide laws are very strict and to the point. In most cases, they are designed to protect the rights of the victim while the goal is to prosecute the accused to the fullest extent of the law.

Act Quickly

Homicide investigators work quickly to collect as much solid evidence for their case as possible. While you’re being booked on the charges, the case is gaining ground and without a Phoenix homicide lawyer, things will build against you quickly. That’s why is important to speak with an attorney who can offer you legal advice on your case and what steps are necessary to help you overcome your current situation.

Find an attorney that can come to you or consult with you ASAP about the charges you are facing and what they mean to you. The strongest cases are those that have an attorney involved from the beginning. The knowledge that they have surrounding the law and how it effects your case will work in your favour.

Facts Prevail

The attorney will get your side of the story and gather his own evidence to help establish your case. This is done based on his accumulation and presentation of the facts. The most crucial evidence is gathered at the beginning of the case because it reduces the risk of evidence being compromised and a Phoenix homicide lawyer will know what to look for and how to present it to the prosecution.

Your attorney becomes your eyes, ears and thoughts during the process. He develops a strategy to help build your case. He takes time to collect, review and present the facts to the prosecution, jury and judge if necessary. There will be several areas of the case where the facts can make or break the validity of your case. The most effective approach for the attorney to take is the one that is founded on facts and the facts don’t change. However, the dynamics of the facts can change the entire outcome of your case.

When a homicide has been committed and you’re a suspect or have been charged with the crime, it’s time for you to contact a Phoenix homicide lawyer.

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