Tips on Improving a Home’s HVAC in San Marcos

One of the most important functions that a heating, air conditioning and ventilation or HVAC system can provide is helping to keep a home’s HVAC in San Marcos in good condition. While having an HVAC system that can work to help keep the air free of pollutants and other contaminants can be helpful to all members of the household, it can be essential to those with health issues.

Most HVAC systems can help in keeping a home’s HVAC at its best through the air filter that is attached to the blower element of the system. While most systems use a very basic air filter, it still does keep a lot of dirt and other dust particles from entering into the air of the home. To make sure that this system continues to do its job in the best way possible, it can be a wise choice for a homeowner to make sure to regularly check and replace the filter when needed.

Some units today are designed so that they can accommodate better quality air filters, which can significantly improve a home’s HVAC in San Marcos. These air filters are high efficiency air filters and are designed to limit the amount of dirt particles and other matter, which may be able to make it through a typical air filter. This can be accomplished because these filters have more pleats per inch so this greatly increases the amount of dirt and other matter that the filter can collect. Another good option can be to use a HEPA air filters in one’s HVAC system. These filters have all the benefits of a high efficiency air filter, but they also have a coating of chemicals that can kill any bacteria that may be in the air as well.

Before deciding to use these high efficiency filters to improve a home’s HVAC in San Marcos, it is important to make sure that the system can accommodate the increase in size of the filter. If the unit is not designed for the extra material in the filter, it may cause significant damage to the unit. Checking the manual for the unit should provide information about the type of filters the unit can accommodate. However, if it does not it can be a good idea to contact a business that handles repairs on HVAC systems. Contact Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for more information.