Clean Your Home and Family With Hot Water From Water Heaters Tomball

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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Sometimes it seems like disaster only strikes when you are least prepared for it. A failed water heater is an excellent example of this phenomena. Usually, water heaters Tomball typically fail whenever you are in the shower or have a need for plenty of hot water. Of course, some hot water problems are easy to fix, but most homeowners aren’t skilled in the art of plumbing installation and repair.

The typical household water heater comes in two basic varieties. There is a gas or propane burning version which has been popular for many decades and an electric water heater that can be installed almost anywhere. Gas based water heaters have specific requirements for installation. They need to be in an area that is easily ventilated and they must have a proper exhaust installed to allow the carbon monoxide to dissipate. However, many people prefer the gas based variety of water heaters Tomball because they seem to heat quicker than the electric version. Gas based water heaters heat the water from the bottom of the tank. Because they heat the tank itself, the heat can spread which provides a larger surface for heating the water stored in the tank.

On the other hand, electric water heaters can be easily installed in homes where using a gas based system is impossible. For example, many apartments and lofts don’t have a gas supply so an electric water heater is the only option available. Electric water heaters use one or more heating elements inserted directly into the water. For water tanks less than thirty gallons there is usually only one heating element. For forty gallon and larger tanks there are usually two elements and extremely large systems with high volume capacity may have more than that.

When most water heaters fail they simply quit heating the water supply. Unfortunately, there are other problems that can affect your water heater. For example, hard water can cause lime scale to collect in the bottom of the tank. This lime buildup can cause problems when heating the water as well as affecting the pipes and faucets. Likewise, water heaters can rust and metals corrode, often at the most common pipe connections and welds. Once the rust eats through the metal the tank will begin to leak. If you think any of these problems affect your water heater you should contact the specialist at Myers Plumbing Services.


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