Tips For Using Your Wheelchair Correctly While At Home Or Away

Using a wheelchair is sometimes the only way that you can get from one area to another. You might need to use one because of an injury for a short period of time until you’re able to walk again. There are also a few medical conditions that might require you to use a wheelchair all the time. A folding wheelchair in Ireland stores sell is an option to consider, especially if you travel in vehicles or if you’re still able to drive your own vehicle. Here are a few tips for safely using this type of device whether it’s in your home or somewhere else.

Seat Size

Make sure the size of the seat that you get is wide enough so that you’re comfortable when you’re sitting in the wheelchair. Most seats are about 18 inches wide with some being oversized and a few inches wider. If you have accessories that you need to keep with you, then you might want to consider a larger chair.


Inspect the brake system on your wheelchair periodically. You don’t want to park your chair and think that you’re going to stay in one place only to discover that the brake won’t keep the chair from rolling.

Folding Your Chair

A benefit of a folding wheelchair in Ireland companies offer is that you can take it almost anywhere. Once you’re seated in a vehicle or in a different type of chair, you can fold the wheelchair and place it in a storage area until you need it again. Make sure the footrests on the chair are properly folded so that they don’t get damaged. You also need to make sure the seat portion of the chair collapses as it should as it could tear if it gets snagged on other components, such as the arms or any of the levers.

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