Some Things to Know about a Bail Bondsman in Shelton, CT

A time may come when a person is arrested, taken to the police station, and has a bail set by a judge in order to escape jail until the hearing. Many times, a person will not have the money to pay the full bail, but there are bail bonds agencies who can step in to help. A bail bondsman in Shelton CT helps individuals who can’t afford the full bail to remain out of jail. Here are some things that potential clients should know about bail bonds agencies.

Things to Know about Bail Bonds Agencies

As noted, bail bonds agencies can bring relief to defendants who don’t have the money to pay the full bail, but they charge the defendants a fee of 10 percent of the full bail for the convenience. In some cases, the fee may be 15 percent if the person has a felony charge attached to the bail. In addition to this fee, defendants will have to come up with collateral, which will ensure the bail bonds agency that they will get all of their money back in case a defendant skips bail.

More Things to Know about Bail Bonds Agencies

The collateral that is normally accepted includes real estate property, houses, automobiles, stocks, bonds, expensive jewelry, certificates of deposit, and electronics. These things will be held until after the hearing is over, and will be returned no matter what the verdict is of the hearing. If the defendant decides to skip or jump bail, the collateral will be held, and the defendant may lose it. To avoid such a mess, defendants would do better to simply show up in court for all their hearings.

Bail Bonds Agencies Available for Help

Defendants can be sure that there will be bail bonds agencies somewhere nearby to help bail them out of jail when they need it. Aces Bail Bonds is an agency that provides bail bonds service and notary services for clients in need of the services. If a person needs help from a bail bondsman in Shelton CT, the agency is available. Click here to get reliable bail bond service.

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