Tips for Septic Tank Maintenance in Maui

Most homeowners do not really understand what a septic tank is as well as the role that it plays towards the overall sanitation of the home. The tank is a reservoir where all the solid and liquid restroom waste goes to after leaving the house. The tank is normally located a few yards from the house. However, there are properties, especially those that have limited space for backyard, where the tank is placed directly underneath the house. A tank will take years to fill up, as a matter of fact, with proper septic tank maintenance in Maui you can go for decades without needing a replacement.

Maintaining a septic tank

Most septic tanks are pretty simple in structure. They have two compartments. The upper one is separated from the lower one by a filter. This is what separates solid waste from liquid waste. The liquid is then directed either to a treatment plant or disposed of correctly, after treatment. The solid waste on the other hand, is worked on by the anaerobic bacteria that live in the tank. The bacteria’s role is to cause decay. Maintaining a septic tank therefore means the following three main services:

* Making sure that the filter is working correctly. In case the filter gets clogged, the waste will not get separated and the tank will fill up with sludge.

* Ensuring that all the sewage disposal pipes in and out of the tank are working properly and that there are no blockages or leakages.

* Making sure that the anaerobic bacteria is properly decomposing the solid wastes that are deposited in the tank.

Common maintenance services

The first maintenance service is of course pumping. This happens when the level of the sludge rises above what is recommended. experts in septic tank maintenance in Maui normally use an exhauster to do the pumping. After the pumping, the filters are cleaned and if the bacteria have died as a result of soaps or other bathroom chemicals, the experts will introduce artificial bacteria to help with the decomposition. For more tips on how to maintain a septic tank in great working condition, go to . They offer services such as installation, maintenance and pumping.

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