I Am In Los Angeles; If I Send Flowers To Charleston, WV, Can I Be Sure That Fresh Ones Will Be Delivered?

Sending flowers to people over long distance used to have two difficulties; did the flower giver have the time to carry the flowers to their destination and how fresh would they be by the time they arrived? Then, in 1910; a certain florist, aptly named John Valentine, organized a group of other florists so that each agreed to deliver flowers in their locality on behalf of the customers living in another member’s locality. The transactions were arranged by use of the telegraph and they called themselves “Florist’s Telegraphic Delivery” and took an image of the god Mercury (a flying man) to signify speedy delivery. Today, the organization is known as Florist’s Transworld Delivery (FTD) and the operation is worldwide. Others such as Teleflora have set up in competition so; when ordering in LA; the flowers for Charleston, WV you will have several companies to chose from.

But, Can I Trust A Florist That I Do Not Know?

The basic concept should be nearly infallible; you chose a reputable sender in LA and they will only route your order to an equally reputable florist in Charleston; so that the flowers; in the arrangement that you have selected, will be the ones that get delivered; in fresh condition, by the florist in Charleston. However, not every organization in the flower delivery trade is 100% reputable; in this internet age; even if you phone in your order from LA; the customer service operator that you are talking to; might well be sitting in a call center in Mumbai India. Maybe they know their script; but, what do they really know about the currently blooming flowers in Charleston, WV? As with any on line purchase; there is an element of risk involved; this usually means that it is best to base your decision on the reputation of the flower delivery service that you choose. Companies like FTD and Teleflora have, undoubtedly taken advantage of the business side of the internet; but, they would not have survived for 104 & 78 years respectively if they gave bad service. Accidents can happen and it is possible that you ordered red roses; but, the receiver of the flowers in Charleston got white roses – but, at least they would have been fresh roses.

When sending flowers to Charleston, WV; or buying them there for yourself; the family flower business of Young Floral is a wise choice. They are members of both FTD and Teleflora. Visit website to know more.

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