Tips for Recovering from Eyelid Surgery in Chicago

Eyelid surgery in Chicago is usually performed to improve drooping eyelids or puffiness around the eyes and is relatively a simple procedure. However, as with any type of surgery, you need to do your research and listen to whatever instructions your doctor gives you for before the surgery and for a speedy recovery afterward. Below you will find some tips for recovering safely from your eyelid surgery.

Rest and Relaxation

Rest and relaxation are exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to recovering from eyelid surgery in Chicago. These two things are the key ingredients to a successful and speedy recovery. So, pile up on the couch or in the bed, grab some snacks and laze away the day.

Listen to Your Doctor

The best road to recovery is by listening to your doctor’s instructions for your recovery. If you notice anything out of the ordinary during your recovery, that is anything your doctor didn’t mention, then you need to inform his office right away.

For Swelling and Bruising

A little swelling and bruising around the eyes is normal after eyelid surgery. Below you will find some tips to help.

  • Apply cold compresses to the area every 15 to 20 minutes
  • Only participate in light activity and very little of that for one week
  • Avoid overly salty foods and keep your head elevated
  • Rest your eyes. A lot of reading or internet browsing can make your eyes tired and puffy

These are just a few tips for recovering from eyelid surgery in Chicago. Making sure to rest, get plenty of fluids and eat right are keys to getting back to your old self with eyes that are bright, vibrant and designed to make you feel younger. For more information, contact the offices of Adam J. Cohen MD for an appointment.

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