Consult an Adoption Attorney in St. Peters, MO Before Contacting an Agency

A couple interested in expanding their family through adoption has a couple of options. They could use an agency to facilitate the adoption. When parents use an agency, they may have to wait much longer for an infant. Couples or single individuals who are willing to consider adopting older children might find the process of adopting through an agency much easier. The other option is a private adoption. Before initiating the process, it’s important for prospective parents to consult an Adoption Attorney in St. Peters MO.

Agency Adoption

Children who are placed through agencies may come with limited information about their parents or their medical histories. These children may have been wards of the state in the foster care system for a variety of reasons. Their biological parents may have died, or they may have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Infants placed in homes through agencies are often placed voluntarily. Infant placements are typically more complicated because the birth mother may change her mind before the adoption has been finalized.

Private Adoption

A private adoption takes place without the help of an agency. Birth parents and adoptive parents work together on an agreement with the help of an attorney. Adoptive parents may pay, the medical and living expenses of a birth mother until the baby is born. Sometimes, the birth mother lives with the adoptive family during the pregnancy.

There are risks involved in this type of adoption, and adoptive parents should always consult an Adoption Attorney in St. Peters MO before exchanging money or paying a birth mother’s medical bills. The law limits the types of expenses an adoptive parent can pay and it’s critical to stay within those limits to avoid problems with the adoption.

An attorney could help a family understand their rights in the adoption process, both before the baby is born and after the birth mother has left the baby in their care. Waiting for the adoption to be finalized can be very stressful, but an attorney may be able to ease the new parents’ minds so they can feel free to fall in love with the new member of their family. Prospective parents can Visit us schedule a consultation.

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