Tips For Professional Pet Grooming In Marysville

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Pets

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For most people, animal grooming is an essential part of being a pet owner. Many pet owners will go to professional groomers for their grooming needs, because they worry about causing personal injury to their pet. Some pet owners who are seeking services regarding Pet Grooming in Marysville area need to be aware of some potential problems when dealing with animal care facilities. Two of the most common problems related to pet grooming include groomers’ breed restrictions and hidden fees.

Breed Restrictions

Some groomers will have restrictions regarding certain breeds of dogs. Most commonly, the restrictions apply to bully breeds, such as pit bulls and other large dogs. In most cases, these dogs will not require extensive grooming, because they have such short fur. However, all dogs need to have their nails trimmed at least once per month. Long nails can cause health problems for dogs and need to be cared for properly by a professional. Active dogs may not require such frequent routine trimmings, but it’s still recommended that they see a groomer regularly. In addition to some breed restrictions, occasionally, pet groomers will also have age restrictions as well.

Nonetheless, there are some groomers who have no breed restrictions. For example, CCC Kennels is one boarding company that provides Pet Grooming in Marysville area. They do not have any age or breed restrictions for pet owners.

Hidden Fees & Services

When it comes to purchasing grooming services, it’s always a good idea to have a budget in mind. Some groomers will offer “full package” deals for animals. However, pet owners need to read these package deals carefully. Some of these deals will not include essential services, such as nail trimmings.

Pet owners want to be certain that their pet is receiving all of the proper services. Some of appropriate grooming services will focus on the animal’s fur, eyes and ears, nails, and even their teeth. While it might seem unusual to have a pet’s teeth brushed, it’s actually great for the animal’s oral health and can help prevent future problems involving tooth decay or soft tissue diseases that can develop in geriatric animals.

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