Myths About No Hide Dog Chews

With any change in understanding of nutrition and health for pets, there are those who misunderstand or misrepresent the findings through simply not understanding or choosing not to become educated.

This is certainly the case with many dog owners who are still choosing rawhide bones and chew toys for their pets. Unfortunately, this group of dog owners has typically not done any research, and they do not have an up to date understanding of the risks of providing rawhide chews and why no hide dog chews are now considered the safest and best option for puppies and dogs.

To help to clarify the reality of choosing no hide dog chews, here are some commonly heard myths and misunderstandings.

Myth: Rawhide is safe for dogs, so alternative chews are not necessary

Researchers in animal nutrition and digestion, as well as vets from across the country, have determined that rawhide is not a safe choice. Some dogs can tolerate the product, but it may be causing mild to moderate digestive upsets even with these dogs. Additionally, digestive blockages and choking is a very real factor with rawhide, which is why these professionals recommend 100% rawhide free dog chews.

Myth: No hide dog chews are too expensive

There are very reasonably priced options in 100% rawhide free dog chews that are made from fully digestible baked pork skin, real chicken and peanut butter and milk. These healthy chews that are rawhide free are delicious and nutritious, with added vitamins and minerals every dog needs.

Myth: It is hard to find rawhide alternatives for all sizes of dogs

The top companies making rawhide free chews provide a great selection of different sizes and shapes in their alternatives to rawhide chews. This allows the dog and the owner to experiment, finding the right match for puppies and toy breeds up to the giant dogs.

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