Three Vital Indicators That Let Drivers Know When Professional Transmission Repair in Mesa is Necessary

A car’s transmission is responsible for linking the engine to the wheels and making sure that both turn in sync with each other. Without a working transmission, the car would simply be stuck in one position and of no use to the driver. Because the transmission is so important to the vehicle’s ability to function, it’s vital that car owners don’t allow it to fall into disrepair. However, transmission upkeep can be a difficult task when a driver has no idea how to recognize the warning signs that the transmission needs work. For those who are clueless about this, check out the following indicators that it’s time to have a car’s transmission looked at by a specialist:

  • A car that is in need of Transmission Repair in Mesa may begin producing strange noises or emitting strong odors. In some cases, drivers may begin to hear knocking sounds or clunking noises when the car is moving. In other cases, they may notice a burning smell in or around the vehicle, which could be a sign that the transmission has started to overheat.
  • Transmission gears are responsible for altering the torque and drive-wheel speed of the car in relation to that of the engine. When a transmission is in disrepair, it will certainly affect these gears in a few ways. First, the car may shake or make grinding noises during a gear shift. Also, malfunctioning automatic transmissions could put drivers in danger by slipping into another gear without the driver knowing. Finally, a car with transmission issues may have trouble or delay movement when shifted into drive.
  • Abnormalities in the transmission fluid are also another indication that something could be wrong with the transmission. Transmission fluid usually starts out bright red. If a driver ever checks their transmission fluid and sees that it is much darker, there may be a transmission issue at play. In addition, transmission fluid should never be leaking, so drivers should also take fluid leaks as a sign that they need to seek Transmission Repair in Mesa right away.

There’s no doubt that unchecked transmission problems will eventually lead to a total car breakdown. Click here to get in touch with a professional technician at Shift Right Auto and Transmission Repair and learn more about how timely transmission repair can help drivers ensures their cars will serve them well for a long time to come.

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