Cool Mist Fans Provide Many Benefits

If you are thinking about installing a fog or misting system, you are not alone. These systems can make a big difference in temperature and they have several residential and commercial applications. The best systems utilize water at very high pressure and special cool mist fans. Here is more about these fans and why they can be so beneficial.

How Cool Mist Fans Work

Have you ever stood in front of an electric fan when you were wet? You may have actually felt cold, and this is due to evaporating gas. As water evaporates it removes heat and cools things off. This is the basic principle behind the cool mist fan.

A cool mist fan is not an ordinary fan. It takes in water from a pump at high pressure (about 1000 psi). The fan also contains nozzles which separate the water into extremely tiny droplets. Once the water is sprayed the fan is used to circulate and direct the mist.

Standard Cool Mist Fans

A standard cooling fan blows air in one direction. This can be a very effective way to cool down one specific region. However, if you need to cool or humidify a large area, you may need to use several of these fans in strategic locations.

360 Degree Fans

Some cool mist fans are designed for patio cooling and they use a ceiling mount. They also may have an optional stand for mounting. The best fans are capable or directing mist in 360 degrees. This is much more effective than simply blowing out mist in one direction. In fact, 360 degree fans are often used to cool large spaces and can be very effective.

Common Uses for Cool Mist Fans

A cool mist fan is often part of a complete system for cooling down patio spaces. However, you may wish to use them for other purposes. For example, maybe you plan to have an outdoor barbeque this year. A cooling fan will be a welcome addition to your gathering. In fact, you can buy portable cooling fans which can be placed anywhere you need them.
Many outdoor sporting events are making use of cool mist fans these days. They are a great tool for keeping athletes cooled down. In fact, these fans help to prevent many health problems related to overheating.

Cooling fans are being used in a wide range of commercial applications these days. They are excellent for keeping outdoor workers cool and are often used to keep dust to a minimum in indoor working areas. These fans can be purchased online and are not difficult to install and use.

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