Three Common Reasons for Oral Surgery in Bowie, MD

Ideally, you should never require oral surgery in your lifetime, but this is not always in the cards for a people with problems with their teeth or jaws. Some patients require this service for a number of reasons, but most surgeries are fairly straightforward and simple with downtimes that are reasonable. Knowing some of the more common reasons a person might need this surgery may help you to feel more relaxed knowing others are in the same situation.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are teeth that for some reason cannot come in as they should, and this is commonly a problem with wisdom teeth, the molars at the back of a person’s jaw. A small portion of the population will never produce wisdom teeth, but others will require oral surgery in Bowie, MD to remove molars that are growing in at the wrong angle or that are otherwise unable to come in correctly. The men and women behind this type of surgery are highly experienced, and they should help you to feel at ease when prepping for the operation.

Orthodontic Preparation

Oral surgeons in Bowie, MD find it common for patients to require teeth straightening, and teenagers are the most common of their patients. A straight, white smile is ideal in today’s culture, but few children grow into adulthood with naturally straight and white teeth, meaning they need surgery to get it right. By removing problem teeth, a person’s remaining teeth will have enough room to be shifted into a better position by a professional.

Creating Space

It could be that your mouth is simply too small for your many teeth, and this is one of the more common reasons people need oral surgery. Wisdom teeth are not only commonly a problem by becoming impacted or growing in crooked, but they can actually cause the rest of the teeth to crowd forward. Even if they come in correctly and without issue, the frontal teeth may begin to produce an overbite, requiring surgery to fix before the patient needs braces.

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