Choose Stage Lighting Manufacturers with Experience

Minimizing the “what can go wrong” factor in any show or event starts with making sure your ducks are all in a row. It is the little things that wind up causing the biggest problems like not choosing stage lighting manufacturers with experience. Stage lighting is one of those things that looks a lot simpler than it is. Only the stage lighting manufacturers with years of experience know how to avoid issues.

The Problems
Lighting is one of the key factors to a successful show/event. It is critical that everything works as it should or you risk catastrophe. Avoiding the problems that can occur starts with ensuring that you are using the equipment that is built to deliver.

The Solution
There is only two qualities to look for in a manufacturer:

  • Experience
  • Reputation

Like every other craftsman an expert in lighting is not born, they become expert from years of experience in the field. It is very hard to beat experience when it comes to lighting. Reputation is also a good indicator of a company’s capabilities and a good predictor of results.

Positive Reputation
Earning a positive reputation in this industry is hard won. A positive reputation means that you are dealing with a business that knows their stuff and that they have already been tested and proven. Next to experience, reputation is the most telling sign that you are on the right track to get what you need and that you are taking steps to avoid issues. We have been over 40 years in the industry and have worked on events from coast to coast. If you want expertise that you can always rely on than you can contact our team.

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