The True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Many holidays have become highly commercialized, and lost some of their true meaning. Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those holidays. You might wonder how Valentine’s Day came to be associated with couples and romance. Valentine’s Day was originally in honor of Saint Valentine. There were multiple early Christian Saints with the name Valentine. The holiday was first linked with love during the 12th century, being connected to royal court romances. In the 14th century the holiday was popularized by poems written by Geoffrey Chaucer. By the 15th century, the holiday had developed into a day where lovers gave each other gifts of flowers, and Valentine cards. This eventually lead to the holiday we have today where lovers give each other gifts, and flowers, and Valentines chocolates. Here are some things you can do these days to show your affection for your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Give a Gift of Flowers

Flowers are a very traditional Valentine’s Day gift. You can go to a florist and buy a really nice floral arrangement. Your partner will be sure to be sure to enjoy a nice bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Be sure that you include a little personalized note with the flowers. You can either have them delivered to your partner, or you can hand-deliver them yourself.

Romantic Dinner at Home

Going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner on Valentine’s Day is extremely popular. That means going out can be very hectic, and it can be difficult to get reservations. Perhaps a better idea would be to have a romantic dinner for two at home. You can prepare a fancy meal, light some candles, and open a bottle of wine. This will save you both from all the hustle and bustle of trying to go out on Valentine’s Day. To make the romantic dinner extra special, you should make an over-the-top desert that will really impress your partner.

The Thought Counts

Gifts that are made by hand with love can be a lot more thoughtful than something like jewelry. These are some ideas to at least get the ball rolling. You could create a scrapbook or photo album featuring pictures of you and your partner as a couple. You could record a mix CD or load an MP3 player with your partner’s favorite songs, and songs that remind you of them. Another cool idea would be to make a hand-made scented candle. There are kits available to make candles where you can melt your own wax, and add personalized scents to the candles as you pour them.

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