Wine Gift Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of

There is a saying that says “Wine is the nectar of gods.” Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest and winemaking, certainly thought so and so do most people today. For wine lovers, nothing beats a great bottle. An expensive bottle of wine is not the only item to give as a gift. Wine gift ideas are as abundant as other gifts; you just have to know where to look.

If the recipient is a wine connoisseur and it is not in your budget to plop down a hundred dollars for a good bottle of wine, then a subscription to a monthly wine magazine is a great choice.

Gift certificates to a local wine shop or online retail site are great wine gift ideas. These sites typically have an assortment of gourmet wines and gift baskets in all price ranges.

Why not create your own wine gift set?

Compliment a great bottle of wine with something sweet. If you are looking to surprise someone with wine, add some chocolate. The right pairing can be delicious since both cocoa beans and wine are fermented with the same type of yeast. However, be careful as some wines and chocolates do not pair well. Just place both items in a neatly wrapped gift box.

Fruit is another great pairing for wines. Fresh and dried fruit complement wines. Select a sweet sparkling white wine or a red such as a Chiantis.

If chocolate or fruit is not available, many wine connoisseurs would appreciate an aerator. An aerator is designed to increase the surface area of wine and expose it to air. This is a must-have for any wine collector.

Wine gift ideas are the easiest gifts to give. If none of the suggestions above work then add a wine book. Anyone who is a connoisseur of wines would appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

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