The Reasons You Need Professional Help for Ant Control in Sacramento

Ants are one of the plagues of life. They actually share many human traits in that they are social, work in community and cooperation with one another, and live in colonies. Ants are territorial, but will not fight ants from their own colony, and unfortunately some of their colonies are large. Quite large. For example, there is a colony of Argentine ants in Sacramento that stretches for over 560 miles! Even the Bible mentions the diligence of ants, which, while good for ants, unfortunately signifies persistence to humans.

To eradicate ants is an ambitious undertaking, but it is possible to have Ant control in Sacramento if you hire an exterminating company that is knowledgeable about ants. Ant control requires the ability to identify the particular species of ant that is invading your home or yard, and to be cognizant regarding its habits and behavior. One thing few homeowners realize, is that when they spray an ant hill with ant spray, they make their ant problem worse, for this often causes ants to split up and form more nests.

Ants enter human habitations in search of shelter and food. Their appetites go in cycles. Sometimes they are attracted to sweet foods, at other times to fat, and when these don’t appeal, they go for protein. When they locate food, they leave a trail of pheromones so that the other ants in the colony can follow. They enter through openings so small that the homeowner is usually unaware that they exist. Nests are located by following their trails backward to the nest. Ant control in Sacramento usually requires a three prong approach: first, sealing off all possible points of entry, and then using a combination of ant bait and a non-repellent insecticide.

While at first it may seem counter intuitive to use a non-repellent insecticide, it is actually a more effective means of ant eradication than repelling them. By using a non-repellent product, the ants are unable to detect the poison and so the therefore do not avoid it, and die. While this initially might take longer, it is a more effective method. Any homeowner can mix boric acid into a bit of jelly and use this to bait and kill ants when they are in their sweet seeking cycle, but professional baits also attract ants seeking protein and fat, and are more successful overall.