The Purpose Of Hose Fittings

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Business

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Hoses of various sizes and materials are in use almost everywhere you look. At the very low end of the range are those hose fittings most often associated with the residential garden hose.  At the opposite end of the spectrum may be hoses fitted with quick-disconnect aluminum Camlock fittings. Camlock fittings are most commonly found where excellent sealing, resistance to various fluids and rapid connect and disconnect are necessary.

Let’s have a look at the anatomy of a typical hose fitting:

All hose couplings perform the same, general function:  They are used to connect two lengths of hose together or to connect a length of hose to either a liquid source or a liquid discharge point. In many cases, especially in situations where speed of connect or disconnect is not important, the coupling method is usually screw threads. In a typical screw coupling, the male half is rigidly attached to one length of hose and the female half, fitted to the other hose is designed to rotate, thus allowing the coupling of the hoses.

To eliminate the possibility of leaks, the female side of the coupling is fitted with a gasket or seal.

Aluminum Camlock fittings do the same thing as any other hose fitting, they just do it faster and provide a guaranteed seal as the pressure exerted on the seal ring is determined by the coupling assembly and not an individual tightening the screw.

Camlock couplings also have a male and a female half, the difference is: there are no threads on the connection side. The male half of the coupling or inline fitting has an accurately machined groove which runs completely around the circular half coupling. The female side of the coupling contains the seal and the locking mechanism. The locking method is quite simple.  The male half is inserted into the female half and two levers are swung through approximately 180 degrees, the lever ends are cam shaped and when closed, engage with the groove. Once engaged the connection has been made – quick, safe and leak-proof.

All couplings, regardless of the way in which they are fitted to each other are available with a shank for insertion into a hose or a thread designed to mate to a piece of equipment.

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