Appliances used for Dental Treatment by an Orthodontist in Wichita, KS

An orthodontist is a specialized dentist who helps to align jaws and teeth. Any malformation in the dental structure can affect a person’s self-esteem and his or her ability to talk as well as chew food. It can also cause snoring and other breathing disorders like sleep apnea. By just checking the teeth using a mirror, it is possible to see any irregularity that requires the attention of an Orthodontist in Wichita, KS.
The first thing that the orthodontist does when a patient enters his or her office is to perform an x-ray. He or she examines the alignment of the teeth to be able to come up with an appropriate treatment regime. The treatment plan can involve use of appliances or performing a procedure to correct the problem.

The various types of appliances used by an orthodontist can be fixed or removable. The fixed ones are the most common because a person can chew his food normally while still using them, though sweets and carbonated drinks are not recommended while having them. Some of the examples of these fixed appliances include:


This is a wire shaped to correct arrangement of teeth in the mouth. They are fitted around the teeth to hold them firmly, slowly moving them to the correct position. They are both for children and adults.

Fixed space maintainers

This is fitted to support the surrounding teeth after removal of one tooth. It prevents them from moving, hence occupying the left space. It is common in children due to the stage where they lose their temporary teeth.

Special teeth appliances

These are for special cases where a patient sucks his thumb or has a problem controlling his tongue. They can be irritating when eating.
Removable appliances are, on the other hand, used for minor issues like for teeth which are not too misaligned. They can be removed when eating or brushing teeth, and the orthodontist can advise removal when cycling or doing any other sport. Some of the examples are aligners, headgear, lip and cheek bumpers, palatal expanders, removable retainers, removable space maintainers and splints.

These treatment plans are used to correct dental problems resulting from accidents, injuries, tooth removal, tooth decay or even problems that run in the family. You can find the best Orthodontist in Wichita, KS at East Wichita Dentist. They have skills and experience to handle each unique malocclusion case.