The Problem with Finding Termites in your Jackson, NJ, Home or Property

Generally, finding termites inside of your home happens less frequently than finding other insect species like ants or roaches. However, it is important to point out that when termites are found, the problem is usually more extensive as termites typically hide in attics, crawl spaces or behind walls. Take some time to learn about termites in Jackson NJ home.

What Types of Termites Are There?

Termites generally burrow underground tunnels that are hard to detect. The two main types of termites are the subterranean termite species and the drywood termite. The subterranean termites tend to make their nests underground and in soil, while drywood termites feed on dry-rotted wood. The signs and behaviors of these two types of termites will differ somewhat. Visit the site of a pest control service for details.

Recognize the Signs of a Termite Infestation

There are some telltale signs that termites are nearby that should not be ignored. Fine wood shavings are a huge sign that termites are present. This occurs as termites feed on their preferred wood and other related materials. Watch for small “flying” termites that will have two sets of wings. Small black fecal droppings, called frass, are another indicator of termites.

Risks Homeowners Face Due to Termites

If not treated promptly, termites can actually undermine a building’s structural foundations. The pests eat wood from the inside out leaving hollowed out wood that remains hidden.

Freehold Pest Control can rid your home of termites in Jackson NJ.

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