The Needlestick Safety Act

Safety is an essential element when it comes to performing surgery. With the needles used, there is a risk of needle sticks and dropped needles, which can have detrimental effects in some situations. With the Needlestick Safety Act, more medical professionals are realizing the importance of using a needle safety device like the needle trap to keep everyone safe.

Needle Traps Are the Ideal Solution

After a needle is used in the surgical procedure, it needs to be disposed of safely to ensure an accurate needle count after the surgery and to keep everyone in the operating team safe from injury. This needle safety device is convenient to use and makes it easy for surgeons to dispose of used needles in a safe manner. Because of the way they are designed, you can easily count the number of needles after the procedure to ensure none are left behind in the patient, which can lead to a number of issues.

Stay Compliant

It’s essential for medical professionals to remain compliant with the Needlestick Safety Act. With the right needle safety devices, you can give your staff and patients the peace of mind they need in the safety of the procedures.

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