3 Ways to Recover from a Sports Injury in Orlando

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, being injured while participating in a sport can be devastating. If you were to tear a knee ligament, your Achilles tendon, or break your leg, you may require surgery depending on the extent of the damage. After surgery, your doctor will probably recommend that you undergo physical therapy to help heal the injury and regain use of your joint or limb.

Aquatic Therapy

Meeting an Injury Specialist in Orlando would be the best to treat your injury. They provide aquatic therapy that may be recommended to prevent putting pressure on an injured joint or bone. The buoyancy of water helps to take most of the weight off of an injury so it can be exercised. An underwater treadmill helps people keep active during recovery and it also stimulates the healing process.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

If you’re a serious athlete who has been injured, recovery can be difficult because you may not be able to train. However, with the use of an anti-gravity treadmill, you can go back to training during your recovery from a sports injury. Walking or running on an anti-gravity treadmill reduces the impact on your body, so you won’t experience the pain you would on a normal apparatus.

Resistance Training

Physical therapists may recommend resistance training to help athletes recover from a sports injury. By using weights or resistance bands, athletes can rebuild the strength in the injured area and support the injury by building the muscles around it. Resistance training can also help prevent further injuries. If you would like to know more about recovering from an injury, click the following to visit https://www.mymdds.com/

Recovering from an injury can be a slow, painful process, but with the proper help from orthopedic physical therapists, you can get back on the field, or track, as soon as possible and resume playing the sport that you love.

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