The Lure Of Gold

Even today, there are prospectors slaving away in remote places in the hope of striking gold and making their fortunes. However nice it would be to go out and find our own, most people prefer to buy their gold. Whether it be in the form of jewellery, bullion or coin they are not buying it so much for its intrinsic appeal but more for the probability that it will appreciate in value.

Paper money is only as real as the peoples’ confidence in the organization (Government) that prints it; paper money can depreciate in its purchasing power and can be adversely affected by exchange rates between different country’s currencies. Gold, on the other hand, is a commodity that is traded on the open market, where the historical trend has always been relatively stable and upward; without any major depreciation. If you don’t need all your paper money, investing in gold is considered a safe hedge against economic ills (which somewhat reinforces its tendency to appreciate).

Gold Coins

There are two general types of gold coin that you can invest in.

1. Coins of historical value (such as doubloons from a wrecked treasure ship) which often have a value greater than the worth of the gold they are made of.

2. Coins that are minted by the Government specifically to be bullion coins which contain a guaranteed amount of gold. Recently minted bullion coins can be used as day to day currency but, since their value is higher than the monetary amount shown on them, this never happens. Even de-monetized bullion coins still contain the guaranteed weight of gold. Bullion coins have a high percentage of gold but it is usual to alloy this with another metal to make the coin more durable. The important thing being that the percentage of gold is strictly fixed.

In the United States, the current, official bullion coin is called the American Gold Eagle which was first minted in 1986. Earlier US bullion coins are called “eagles” and some can date back to 1795.

Anyone wishing to Buy Gold Eagles In Seymour TX is likely to be seeking examples of the older ones since current American Eagle gold coins can be purchased as collectables from the United States Mint or traded on the commodities market. Either way, “eagles” should make a good investment.

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