The Importance of Parking Lot Striping by Exterior Contractors in Sun Prairie WI

Exterior Contractors in Sun Prairie WI who specialize in asphalt paving also provide painting service for the blacktop. Although some property owners don’t bother with it, the striping serves important purposes. It discourages parking in certain areas as well as unsafe behavior. It also encourages drivers to park closer together, thus freeing up more space for additional vehicles.

No Parking and Short-Term Parking

Building owners commonly want areas in the parking lots where no vehicles should be for any length of time, or where drivers should avoid going altogether. An example would be a bike lane in a large lot and the area near a fire hydrant. Loading zones are intended for short-term parking of 10 to 15 minutes only. Crosswalks help keep pedestrians safe. Exterior Contractors in Sun Prairie WI also can paint a parking area next to the building only for emergency vehicle use.

Designated Spaces

Studies focusing on driver behavior in parking lots have found that they tend to park further apart when there are stripes designating spaces. That means the lot can fill up sooner than should be the case. In the main part of the lot, painted spaces can also be used to designate places for compact cars and motorcycles.

Parking lot owners also can decide whether they want drivers to park in parallel or angled rows. There are advantages to each. The main advantage of the angled-space lot is it is effective at encouraging drivers to move in certain directions. The lanes between spaces can be narrower as well, since drivers should only be traveling in one direction.


Arrows can be painted at driveways leading into the lot, designating whether drivers should be entering or exiting. An arrow pointing in and another pointing out tells drivers to stay in those lanes instead of hogging a space in the middle of the driveway.

Some unwanted behavior from drivers is bound to continue, but it should be much less frequent with clearly painted spaces on dark blacktop. Asphalt paving and striping service is provided by contractors such as Tri-County Paving. Browse our website and schedule a time to have these projects begun.

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