Farm Tractor Maintenance Tips

Your farm tractors may work hard some days, and other days they could just sit idle. When they work, it may be under dusty and dirty conditions, and it is vital to keep your agricultural equipment in good shape. Here are some helpful maintenance tips from your oil distributors in Minneapolis, MN , to keep your tractors running smoothly.

Keep the Intake Air Clean

Your tractors need clean air to mix it with the fuel they burn. The best way to keep your intake air clean and fresh is to check the filters often. Oil bath air cleaners should have regular cleaning, and paper filters need regular replacement. Pay attention to hour meters and change filters as needed. This gives you maximum fuel economy and performance.

Use the Best Lubricants

Saving money by purchasing cheap or off band oil is not a good maintenance tactic. Talk to your oil distributors in Minneapolis, MN about high quality engine oil. The best oil products cost more, but you get more for your money. Do not forget to change oil and oil filters at the recommended intervals.

Check All Fluids Weekly

At least once each week, check engine oil, radiator, and hydraulic fluid and other vital fluids. Top them off when you check them. This keeps you from running low on fluids and making your engines work harder.


It is hard to tell when a tractor tire is low on air. When you do a maintenance check, always check tire pressure. Your tires are expensive, and you place a lot of extra wear and tear when you run them over or under-inflated.

Professional Assistance

Talk to your oil distributors in Minneapolis, MN, about the right lubricants and maintenance for your equipment. They are experienced professionals who understand your business. Their advice can be priceless.

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