The Energy Star Program Encourages Eco-Friendly Construction

In 1992 the US Environmental Protection Agency established the Energy Star program to encourage products and technique to reduce air pollution. That voluntary program has grown to include incentives and rebates in all industries. Home builders and their customers have learned that there are financial incentives to building energy efficient homes or remodeling older homes to use less energy. It can be confusing to understand all of the regulations surrounding the Energy Star program. Consultants have stepped in to help general contractors and builders design energy efficient homes and businesses that conform to it. In Massachusetts construction professionals can turn to the HERS Rating Newton MA company.

Using a Home Energy Rating System professionals with 20 years experience in the construction industry can review design plans and construction to ensure that a building meets Energy Star guidelines. When the program began, the owners of existing homes hired energy auditors who used infrared scanners to locate heat loss locations. The result was attics with better insulation, window replacements and storm doors. Tax rebates also encouraged homeowners to replace old boilers with newer and more energy-efficient furnaces. Today the experience gained over the last two decades has resulted in a punch list that builders can use to make sure that the new homes they are building qualify for the Energy Star rating. There is no more guessing about what it takes to achieve maximum energy savings and tax savings. In Massachusetts there are subsidies or qualified projects to cover the cost of inspections and fees. Rebate programs continue to encourage the use of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and hot water heaters. There is even a program that provides free energy-saving light bulbs. In 2010, Massachusetts updated its energy code compliance regulations. However, not all communities have adopted them. It’s therefore necessary to check with local building inspectors to know which rules to follow. In towns that did update, it is necessary for new construction to have a HERS rating of less than 70 or 65 pass. The score depends upon the size of the building. Inspectors require documentation from the design phase through building completion to ensure that the correct products and design standards were used.

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