Selecting a Cosmetic Dentist – Hawaii Professionals Provide the Right Choice

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a near-perfect set of teeth, you may still be in need of cosmetic dentistry at some point in your life. With many services ranging from whitening to braces and more involved procedures, dentists can be difficult to evaluate if you’re new to the area or unhappy with your current provider. Here are some tips to help you make your decision.

The Right Service for the Right Price

Both medically necessary and cosmetic procedures can carry hefty price tags. Many of us don’t have dental coverage under our health insurance plans, and even when we do, most cosmetic work is not included. You need to ask the right questions of your potential cosmetic dentist. Hawaii providers make a real effort to offer reasonable payment plans and alternative options when the sticker price is too high for your budget.

Vetted by the Community – with High Marks

Ask around your area: who do you recommend as a cosmetic dentist in town? Neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends can offer their advice. Maybe your workplace has a relationship with a certain dental office close by, or maybe you can find suggestions among local print and Internet advertisements. Many smaller magazines ask their readers to vote for the “best in the field” year after year. Look for a provider that has recently won a local award for excellence in care or great customer service ratings.

Skill Combined with Experience

You don’t want to take your family to just any DDS for your cosmetic needs. Find someone who knows every procedure backward and forward, someone with a degree from a distinguished program and extra credentials to show off. In order to keep your teeth looking their best, you might need anything from braces, whitening and implants to veneers or bridges. Your dentist should be familiar with all these and more so you can make the best decision.

Check out to view the many options in dental care that are offered by Dr. Dee and his staff. With so many services to present and a wealth of experience in the Hawaii community, his practice will certainly be a place you feel comfortable returning to again and again.


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