The Classic Cufflinks

by | Mar 10, 2012 | Shopping

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Nothing is more classic than silver cufflinks. Men’s shirts requiring cufflinks first appeared in the mid sixteenth century. In their original form cufflinks were actually string or cuff strings as they became known. During the reign of Louis XV the “sleeve buttons” were made from pairs of colored glass held together by a short chain. If you were among the wealth the glass may have been replaced by diamonds set in gold or silver.

Faberge was the jeweler that perfected the kiln-fired enameled cufflinks and started exporting them around the world. It was the French that perfected the doubled-over cuffs that we now refer to as a French cuff and cuff links became a necessity. Silver cufflinks became a sophisticated part of a man’s wardrobe. This was especially true if he had to wear a tuxedo. There might have been jewels added to the cufflinks as well.

Time marches on and with the industrial revolution the mass production of cufflinks gave way to a greater variety with a lower price tag. The chains were replaced with clips. The clips were easier to use and cost less to make. Shirt makes took advantage of this phenomenon and in an effort to sell more dress shirts they made the shirts cufflink ready. In some cases the shirts and cufflinks were sold together.

Cufflink ready shirts became not just for tuxedos and were incorporated into standard business attire. Today silver cufflinks are still popular both as simple cufflinks and embellished with stones and crystals. If you prefer a more stylized and lasting style having cufflinks with a simple engraving may be more your taste.

One of the rising styles of cufflinks is the knot cufflinks. These knots can be designed in very different ways but still maintain the professional or formal look you need. And you can find the knot cufflinks in varying sizes so you can determine how much of a presence you wish them to have. Having them in a silver metal gives them a subtle elegance. It also allows you to be able to wear them with any color shirt.

If you choose cufflinks made out of sterling silver you can plan on paying a premium price. However, the price of your cufflinks can be more affordable if you get pated cufflinks. The plated cufflinks are still very stylish and versatile; it just gives you a wider price range from which to choose.

Simple silver cufflinks will stand the test of time. But if you want something more elaborate silver  cuff links can be embellished with precious or semi-precious stones.

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