Does Your Pet Need Surgery in Walnut Creek?

Does your “furry friend” need surgery for a medical condition or injury? If you are unsure or simply seeking a second opinion, you should seek a veterinarian in Walnut Creek that specializes in canine and feline surgical needs and offers modern hospitalization facilities.

When a beloved family pet or companion needs surgery, this can be a very stressful time for both the patient and the family. Choosing a veterinarian in Walnut Creek  that specializes in surgery and has an experienced, caring surgical team can allay any fears or anxiety you may have before your pet’s procedure. Check multiple websites for Walnut Creek veterinarians for a comprehensive tutorial concerning pet surgical procedures including pre-operative instructions and post-operative guidelines. Knowing what to expect before, during and after surgery will help ease your anxiety and better prepare you to care for your pet’s physical and emotional needs during this worrisome time.

Preparing Your Pet for Surgery in Walnut Creek

Properly preparing your pet for surgery should include a full physical exam by your Walnut Creek veterinarian. Pre-operative blood-work is a must to determine if your pet is physically healthy enough to endure the specific surgical procedure as well as the anesthetic. Senior animals may have issues with the use of an anesthetic, specifically with the liver’s response to the drugs. An experienced Walnut Creek veterinarian will look for these issues and take into account all risks involved and if the risks are worth the outcome of the surgery. Often a medication will be administered to your pet to help ease them into receiving the anesthetic. Your Walnut Creek veterinarian will usually allow you to bring in a favorite toy or object to keep with your pet before, during and after the surgery to help keep them calm and feel more at home. Sometimes a simple stuffed animal can provide your pet with soothing familiarity.

During the Surgery

During your pet’s surgery, you may call your local Walnut Creek veterinarian for updates on your pet’s status or wait for the veterinarian to call you immediately after the procedure is complete to get the full details and prognosis. Your pet will need some time to recuperate from the anesthetic so try to be patient. A good surgical veterinarian team will be keeping a close watch on your pet and will notify you immediately if any issue arises.

After the Surgery

After the surgical procedure is completed, and your pet is recovering as expected, your Walnut Creek veterinarian will most likely allow you to take your pet home to recuperate in a familiar environment surrounded by their loved ones to pamper them to their heart’s content. If any complications develop and your Walnut Creek veterinarian feels your pet should stay overnight in a hospitalized setting, you should trust them to do what is best for your pet. Your Walnut Creek veterinarian that specializes in surgery will have the wisdom and experience to know when your pet may need extra medical attention. Your veterinarian will provide you with a very inclusive list of instructions and advice for caring for your pet after surgery when they are back at home. Your Walnut Creek veterinarian will also provide you with multiple contact numbers or methods for after hours advice in case your pet pulls out their stitches or has a reaction to the medication.

You hope your pet never needs to have major surgery but if a medical procedure becomes necessary, you can take confidence in choosing the right veterinarian in Walnut Creek that has experience in performing the procedure and providing excellent follow-up to ensure your pet will bounce back and live out many more healthy years with you and your family.

If your pet needs a surgical procedure, find the right  veterinarian Walnut Creek who can take special care during the surgery. To know more, visit