The Best Personal injury attorney In Vernon, CT Can Get Your Life Back on Track

It was supposed to be his best birthday ever. He finally got his parents to agree to let him have his birthday party at the amusement park. They only let him have a few friends come, but that was ok. He was finally big enough to go on that ‘scary’ ride. His friends were excited. It was going to be so much fun!

Something went wrong. The ride stopped and left him hanging upside down. His father couldn’t reach him. He slipped and the belt was pressing into his throat; he couldn’t breathe and finally blacked out. Much later, at the hospital, the doctors told his parents that they didn’t know if he’d regain consciousness. There might be brain damage.

Weeks later, he slowly started to wake up. It’s going to take a very long time before he is back to the way he should be. His parents are very worried. So far, the bills are over one million dollars and counting. His parents don’t know how much the final total will be, but a lot more than they could ever pay. They’ve heard that there might have been a problem with the ride and the park owners knew about it. An insurance adjuster came by twice, but they haven’t signed anything yet. Before they sign anything, they have decided to talk to the best lawyer they can find. It’s going to cost a lot to give their son all of the care he will need. They don’t want their son to suffer and have his life forever shortchanged because someone else was at fault.

Kahan, Kerensky & Capossela LLP only get paid when the client gets paid. This firm only handles personal injury, family law and criminal defense cases, believing that this lets them serve their clients more effectively. These attorneys work hard to provide the most affordable services available. They offer free initial consultations and can even make hospital and home visits. Anyone who has been injured through no fault of their own and needs a Personal injury attorney In Vernon, CT should consider contacting this firm.

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