Buying a Home? Do Not Forget to Get a Mold Inspection!

If you are a first-time home buyer you might not realize how important it is to make use of a home inspection company in Birmingham, AL. Many home inspection services do not automatically include testing for household mold, but it is very worth it to get that done. For most people the word mold immediately conjures up the pictures they have seen of black mold and the horrifying stories they have heard, but there are many more types of mold that could need finding in any home you are considering buying.

Mold Testing Benefits Both Buyers and Sellers

Not only do you need to be certain that a home you want to live in is safe for the health of your loved ones, but a mold issue can weaken the structural integrity of the building as well. You might find this surprising, but a seller is not under any obligation to tell you if they have mold issues. There are even sellers who will cover up a mold issue in order to make a sale. With home inspection services in Birmingham, AL, you will not need to be concerned that you will be facing an expensive mold remediation in the future. For a seller on the other hand having certification of a professional mold inspection that did not find a mold issue can mean the difference between a sale or no sale at all.

Even if There are no Visible Signs Mold Can Still be Hiding

Even with a newly constructed home there can be hidden mold. Not all builders are as concerned with ventilation as they are with looks. Since the safety of your family is paramount in importance, make certain that any home inspection contains a complete inspection for mold. To be sure that you are moving into a safe healthy home, call Jones-Warren Home Inspection and let them put your mind as ease.

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