The Best Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Vancouver Will Get Your Life Back!

The ‘kids’ (in their early 40s) were busy planning their 40th wedding anniversary when he had the heart attack. It was touch and go, but he made it through the surgery. It looked like he’d be OK, a change of diet and more exercise, but OK. A few weeks later, the bills started rolling in. They had some money saved, but not nearly enough. His health insurance at work only paid so much; there was a big balance that they had to pay.

He couldn’t go back to work for a while, but the bills kept piling up. She looked for a job, but hadn’t worked in years. She finally got a part-time job as a cashier, but that didn’t pay very much. There were a couple credit cards, but were maxed out. They tried to make payments, but the hospital finally turned the bill over to a collection agency. Nothing like this had ever happened to them before. Calls from bill collectors? She was afraid that the stress would cause another heart attack.

Finally, they went to see an attorney. They were told that they qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After a few months, the credit card and medical bills would be canceled. Right away, the collection calls stopped. If they could have paid the bills, they would have, but they can’t. It’s not the solution that they would have chosen, but it’s the only solution possible.

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Stanley Horak graduated from William Mitchell College with his Juris Doctorate in 1977. Mr. Horak is admitted to practice in both Washington and Oregon, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit and the U.S. District Court Western District of Washington. He has taught classes on bankruptcy law and legal ethics to other attorneys.

Mila Boyd was a member of the Clark County Bar from 2005-10 and the President during 2008-9. Ms. Boyd is a member of both the American Association for Justice and the Washington Association for Justice.