The Benefits To Ordering Wholesale Tortillas In New York City For A Mexican Eatery

Mexican restaurants have become a go to for many families who are looking to eat a meal out, as they offer a wide array of choices and have menu items that appeal to people of all ages. Managing a Mexican eatery isn’t easy, as ensuring every meal is fresh requires a great deal of over site and the ability to cook most of the menu items in-house. One of the most time-consuming things to cook is tortillas, as they have to be made in small batches. Many restaurant owners are choosing to use Wholesale Tortillas in New York City to help them save time and money.

Quick To Heat

Most restaurants can quickly heat the tortillas using a steam heating device, which enables them to get food out to a table faster and keep a kitchen operating more smoothly. Many machines can heat up to 10 at a time, which allows a restaurant to serve large amounts of people without creating delays in service. It can also be done by a line cook, which prevents the need to dedicate one staff to the process of making fresh tortillas.

Delicious Flavor

Many restaurant owners are afraid that Wholesale Tortillas in New York City won’t taste as good as homemade. The recipe and process used to create them are simple, and even those that are prepared in advance can be a delicious addition to any meal, and hold up to frying and rolling. Anyone restaurant can save time and money by letting someone else handle the production of their tortillas.


Most companies sell tortillas for a reasonable price, and many restaurants are not able to beat that price when compared to making them in-house. In addition to having to heat a dedicated griddle, a person will also have to be stationed at the grill and ensure an unending supply of tortillas is available. Don’t waste money on equipment or wages, when a wholesale company can deliver delicious tortillas right to an establishment’s door.

Don’t make the process of running a kitchen harder than it has to be. Check out the products available from Best Mexican Foods that can help any establishment run more smoothly. Contact us today to learn more and see how affordable quality food supplies should be.

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