The Benefits Of An Airbrush Tan Extender In Green Bay, WI

With the growing number of skin cancer cases in Wisconsin women are seeking alternatives to achieve a beautiful summer glow. Among these opportunities are spray-on tans. The ultimate benefit of these salon-based choices is that the client isn’t exposed to ultraviolet sun rays that could cause skin cancer.

How to Maintain Your Spray-On Tan

Women who choose spray-on tans instead of tanning beds could achieve a long-lasting tan. They also reduce any risk of developing deadly diseases. These tanning options allow women to choose from a full spectrum of tones and colors. This helps them to achieve their desired results in a short amount of time.

How Long Does It Take?

Women can achieve a spray-on time in as short as twenty minutes. The practitioner helps them to choose the right color for their current skin tone. They have the option to allow the practitioner to airbrush the tan onto the bodies personally or to enter a booth. With an airbrush tan extender in Green Bay WI, they can achieve a tan that lasts far longer than at home products.

You Won’t Have Tan Lines

Among the most common reasons that women choose tanning beds is the elimination of tan lines. However, tanning beds place them at a greater risk of skin cancer. For this reason, women could utilize spray-on tanning services to achieve the same goal. The practitioner helps them to achieve zero tanning lines with these opportunities. All procedures are performed in a private setting.

More Natural Results

An assessment of your skin tone helps practitioners to identify the right tan for you. These selections help you to achieve a more natural tan overall. It won’t appear unnatural or strange like some self-tanning products you use at home. It is matched to your skin tone to help you achieve the best tan possible.

The movement to eliminate skin cancer has presented women with more tanning options. These opportunities have been proven safe and eliminate the need for dangerous ultraviolet sun rays. An airbrush tan extender in Green Bay WI could help you to achieve these goals without risk. To review your options for a spray-on tan, visit today.