The Simple yet Important Approach of the Intelligent Mail Barcode System

The mere mention of the term Intelligent Mail Barcode System leads many to believe that this is an extremely technical dynamic that is somewhat overwhelming. There are many aspects of the system but complicated or overwhelming are not a part of its process. Businesses benefit dramatically from this system, and it is very user-friendly for those who utilize it within their mailing pyramid. Businesses can take several initiatives to make certain that their mail is sorted and tracked properly. The mail barcode system is designed to assist in the successful processing of business mailings for multiple postal programs. The ability for businesses to manage mail is a major motivator for those who utilize the IMB system. T

Basic or Full-Service

There are specific indications to help separate the types of USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Systems and in order to use them successfully, clarity on the differences must be introduced. The basic IMB is necessary to receive any associated automation discounts, and it presents the barcode, type and mailer ID as well as the service and routing delivery info for the mail. The Full-Service option sets forth a unique USPS tracking capabilities for mail but does require a bit of extra assertion for the mailer. The serial number is a unique code that must appear on all pieces of mail. Trays and sacks are required to display a label while pallets display a placard. Electronic submission of postal paperwork is also a standard.

Barcode Breakdown

There is a great deal of terminology displayed in the barcode and it’s all important in its own way. The barcode ID is typically a product of the software that scripts the presort distinction. STID or service type ID indicates the class of mail and any requests for special services. The business or company is uniquely identified by the Mailer ID and is indicated by one or more digital groups. The piece of mail itself is generally identified by what is known as the sequence number and routing codes are identifies of the zip code. The zip must be accurate and include the 4 digit code, as well as an indicator of the delivery destination. The USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode is an important tool for any successful business. It depicts accuracy and speedy expedition of outgoing business mailings that could help to enhance the quality and success of any business.

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