Tending to Your Health: The Crucial Role of Your Local Urology Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

We all understand the significance of visiting the doctor and the dentist, but have you taken the time to specifically address your urological health? According to the statistics, the answer is probably, “No.

Upwards of 65% of American men have not established a relationship with a urology specialist, but it’s important to understand the potential detriments associated with this increasingly common oversight, which is why we’ve created this brief exposé.

The Alarming Trends

The landscape of men’s health in the United States has been besieged by some distressing developments during the past several years:

  • By the year 2022, it is estimated that more than 45 million US males will have Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

  • A weak, uncontrollable bladder is clinically referred to as Urinary Incontinence, and it affects almost 26 million people in today’s day and age.

  • According to a recent medical study, roughly 15% of men will eventually fall victim to prostate cancer.

  • Urological cancers – which usually occur in the prostate – have transformed into the most prevalent cancer diagnoses in American men, with nearly a quarter-million new cases per year.

However, as any reputable urology specialist will tell you, the best way to avoid these ailments and live a long, healthy life is to facilitate regular urological check-ups, ideally once a year.

What Can I Expect During My Initial Appointment?

If you book a consultation with a reputable urology specialist in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll be able to converse with a compassionate expert about your health, identify the root of any issues you might be experiencing, and most importantly, obtain some peace of mind.

So regardless of whether you wish to schedule a cancer screening, prostate treatment, ED evaluation, or any other type of men’s health procedure, feel free to reach out to Dr. Shawn Blick at Valley Urologic Associates by calling 602-483-4421. Their in-house team is accredited, highly trained, and able to provide a comprehensive suite of urological services, so be sure to open a channel of communication as soon as possible – you’ll be glad you did. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information!

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