What Do You Require From Tulsa Home Movers?

While statistics show that the average adult in the United States will move approximately once every 5 years, with the majority of Americans moving between 11 and 12 times over their life, many people rarely move or move much more frequently. People in Tulsa tend to be very much in this range, particularly younger families and professionals.

If you haven’t moved in the last decade or two, you may not realize all the different options that home movers offer to make your move easier and much less work. Knowing what movers offer, can help you in planning your next relocation.

Packing Services

Professional crews can be scheduled to arrive a day or two before the move and pack the contents of your home or just specific rooms or items. This is an ideal option for busy families, professionals or for people that may simply not be able to do all the work of packing. These same services can be used to unpack at your new residence and also remove all material for recycling.

Specialized Crating and Packing

The best home movers can also provide specialized crating and packing services for hard to pack items. Artwork, flat screen TVs, computers, electronics, home theater equipment or other fragile or delicate items can be securely crated for safe moving.

Car Transport

Particularly for long distance moves, having the home movers also provide car transport is a great idea. This allows your vehicle or vehicles to be transported safely to your destination on open or covered trailers. Not only does this prevent the need for multiple trips or drivers, but it also saves miles on the vehicles.

Assistance with Home Sales

Not all home movers in the Tulsa area provide assistance with finding realtors, helping with marketing plans or even providing mortgage and closing assistance. If you need these services, shop around with different relocation companies until you find one offering the service you need.

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