Taking a Good Look at Green Burial Cost in Seattle WA

When making advance funeral arrangements, some people explore the idea of planning for a green funeral. This type of arrangement focuses on the idea of simplicity and the use of methods that are considered natural and good for the environment. When looking at Green Burial Cost in Seattle WA, here are some points to keep in mind.

The Casket

One of the key elements to address with Green Burial Cost in Seattle WA is what to do about the casket. There is actually more than one approach to consider. The individual can opt for some sort of wooden casket that will break down naturally as the years go by. This would involve the building of a simple casket that is made with untreated wood. A slightly different alternative is to go with a casket composed of recycled cardboard. The casket would be sturdy enough for the burial process, and would easily decompose right along with the body. Each of these options will involve significantly less expense than going with a casket made of some type of non-corrosive metal.

The Flowers

Flowers are typically part of the planning for a funeral. Taking a green approach would involve only using locally grown flowers that are in season. This approach would mean avoiding the use of flowers that must be transported from a distant location, and the emissions that come with different modes of transport.

The Clothing or Shroud

Considering what sort of clothing to use for the body is also something to consider. Opting for clothing that is made using only natural fibers will ensure that the material decomposes at a natural rate. There is also the option of wrapping the body in a shroud made from plain cotton or some other natural fiber.

Marking the Grave-site

With green burials, the creation of headstones is usually not included. Instead, the grave may be marked using natural elements, like stones. This also means there is no slab, although it would be permissible to plant grass to cover the outlined grave. Some people choose to mark the grave by planting a shrub or a small tree at the head or the foot of the space.

Armed with that information, it will be possible to determine what sort of elements can be included to make the burial more environmentally friendly. You can also visit them on Facebook for more details.

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