A Quick Look at the Humble, Practical Boom Boat

Of all the ships and boats that float upon the world’s waters, those dedicated to doing tough, necessary work are among the most fascinating. The humble Boom Boat, for example, is a design that is seen all over the globe, offering up an excellent blend of utility and reliability in a compact, affordable package.

The distinguishing feature of the Boom Boat is that it is meant to be lowered into the water from the deck of a much larger ship. That means that it must be just as much at home on a busy ship deck as when puttering through the waters around it, maximizing the way that it makes use of the space that it occupies.

This almost invariably means a compact, space-conscious design that still allows for the required kind of work to be done. Many such boats are fitted with center consoles that include some protection from the elements, with clear walkways everywhere else allowing for the entirely of the boat’s space to be made use of.

Boats of this type must also be very rugged. Kept among shipping containers and other cargo on the deck of a barge or other large ship, such a boat will invariably take something of a beating over time, and it must stand up to these indignities without complaining. A boat that gets knocked out of shape too easily will be of no use when its time to put in service finally comes, making it a liability in the end.

For those who design and manufacture such boats, then, there are plenty of challenges to overcome. Companies like us take on this duty gladly, using their considerable bodies of experience and skill to create boats that can fill this important role.

Thanks to their efforts, boats of this kind can be found everywhere there is difficult work to be done. Virtually every oil tanker and cargo ship is equipped with at least one boat of this design, and they are also used for a wide variety of other important work around the world. Like every sea-going vessel that proves itself through what it can do, such boats invariably have a lot of character and soul. You can also visit their YouTube channel for more information.