Take Advantage Of Free Email Marketing For Your Business

In the business world it is sometimes difficult to image that you can actually get things of value for your business completely free of charge. If you are a person that is naturally cynical of these offers then you may be surprised to find that there are companies out there offering free email marketing.

If you are considering free email marketing there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should not be required to provide payment information, at least when you sign up for the free service. Typically if you value the service and, after trying out the free version want to increase the options you have to manage your email, you can then purchase a plan.

However, there is no point in using a free email marketing service that offers only the basics and absolutely none of the features of the paid service. To avoid this look around for a company that really does provide a range of features to use and try out during your free email marketing time. Make sure, in addition, you check out the following issues.

How Many Emails?

Some companies providing a free email marketing service as a trial only allow you to send a set number of emails. Sometimes, with some companies, this number is not much more than your ISP allows, so there is really no advantage.

A top company providing this free bulk mail service will allow you to send as many emails as you want, virtually unlimited quantities, during the time you are on the free service. There won’t be restrictions for time of use or quantities and you will have at least a 99% delivery guaranteed.

Full Service

Email, especially bulk email, is often caught up in spam filters and reported as spam or flagged by ISPs. To avoid this problem look for a free email marketing service that provides you with support for Domain Keys Identification Mail (DKIM) as well as Sender Policy Framework or SPF to keep you off the blacklists and maintain the online reputation of your company.

Using free email marketing is a great way to try out a company before ordering a service package. It not only helps you to see what the service provides but it also allows you to gear up for more marketing campaigns in the future.

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