How To Evaluate Your Current SMTP Service Provider

Regardless of the type of email you are sending for your business from transactional emails to bulk emails in the form of advertising and newsletters using a top SMTP service provider are key to success.

Deciding if you have a poor, average or exceptional SMTP service provider starts by understanding what services can be offered and how they can be of value to a business. Then, with that information, you can compare your current provider to the top level providers and decide if it is time to change companies.

Easy Set Up

The last thing that you need is to use a SMTP service provider or a full email service provider that has complicated systems to actually getting your mail sent. You want a company that is designed for the average business owner to be able to use without support, special training or without a degree in computer technology.

You may also want a dedicated SMTP service provider but not the cost of having an in-house system. Dedicated servers are always an important consideration for those that have security and delivery speeds in mind for large volumes of transactional or bulk email.

Tracking Options

Tracking emails with a variety of different reporting options is always critical. Not all companies that market themselves as a top SMTP service provider actually give you these features as part of their package. Often you are required to subscribe or add-on other programs or features that are priced in addition to the package you select.

Some top companies offer real time statistics and other information as part of the standard SMTP service provider package and then allow you to add on different applications for more advanced type of tracking.

Application Integration

The best SMTP service provider won’t require that you convert all your email to a specific email system or application. They aren’t aligned with one particular email sending program but instead support and provide technical help with using these systems on their service.

Of course, cost is important in evaluating your current SMTP service provider against the competition. Look for a company that offers packages to allow you to only buy what you need but to also have the option to upgrade when you grow your business and find you have more and more subscribers and customers.

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