St. Paul Opticians Recommend Consumers Avoid Buying Eyeglasses Online

If you have been thinking of purchasing eyeglasses online, you may wish to reconsider this decision. St Paul opticians are now warning patients of the dangers of purchasing eyeglasses over the Internet, as many concerns have risen about this process. The main problem seen with doing so is glasses have many variables, and it’s hard for the average consumer to be able to detect issues. In fact, even those glasses obtained through an optician may not be precise. For this reason, many opticians check the prescription once it arrives. What types of problems could arise when purchasing eyeglasses online?

The frames may not be correctly adjusted for your face and the slightest offset, even one as small as .5mm, can lead to problems. Furthermore, the stronger the prescription, the more likely it is that the glasses will be wrong and vision will be affected. This is specially true for those with progressive lenses or complex bifocals, as their tolerances are more critical than those seen with single vision prescriptions. Keep this in mind when deciding if you want to order your eyeglasses via the Internet.

The Journal of the American Optometric Association published a research article in 2011, showing almost 50 percent of eyeglasses purchased for the study weren’t made correctly. Either they didn’t meet physical requirements put into place for the safety of the patient or they failed to meet optical requirements based on the visual needs of the patient. Lens precision and quality control are lacking in these glasses, and St. Paul Opticians cannot legally sell glasses with these discrepancies in their office. Unfortunately, sellers on the Internet don’t have to abide by the same rules and regulations, and you may pay the price.

How can you tell if your prescription isn’t right when purchasing eyeglasses online? First, when viewing images through the lenses, an image should look the same when you cover each eye. If they don’t, there is likely a problem with the glasses. In addition, eyestain may be noticed, you may notice you have more headaches, or you feel dizzy. Others find their eyes become tired when reading or they frequently lose their place on the page. If you find your glasses aren’t meeting your needs, make an appointment to have your eyes AND your glasses checked. You may find your glasses are the problem.

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