Eliminate Your Dental Problems With Dental Oral Surgery in Butler PA

When your teeth get damaged or caries set in there are a few procedures that the dentist can perform to save them. The most common Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA is a root canal. This procedure extracts the root pulp, including the nerve, which eliminates the main source of pain. The end result is a shell that the dentist can fill and crown. The benefit to this procedure is the tooth remains in place and keeps the other teeth from moving. This is much better than an extraction which leaves a gap that the other teeth slowly shift into.

If extractions are necessary, then the dentist may suggest other forms of Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA. These include grafts on the jaw bone or dental implants. The implants are a metal stud designed to hold a tooth shaped crown. The metal is anchored into the jaw to provide both strength and security. An oral surgeon must first make space in the jawbone for the anchor and then the wound must heal. Bone grafts are required whenever the jaw density is low. The jaw deteriorates for a number of reasons, but the most common is the extraction of teeth. After the teeth are removed, there is a small hole in the jaw. As the jaw heals over, it begins to shrink. The grafting of bone tissue creates a strong area for dental procedures like implants by increasing the level of bone tissue.

Perhaps one of the most common types of Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA is the removal of wisdom teeth. These are the last teeth to erupt and generally come at an older age. Unfortunately, they don’t always make it through the gum tissue and become impacted. In these cases an oral surgeon may have to cut the teeth out. Thankfully, this task can be performed with the patient under anesthesia.

There are also Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA procedures for more complex problems. For instance, it is possible to move the teeth and align the jaws to improve bite or position. The methods employed can range from braces to extreme reconstruction. Every case is different and an experienced oral surgeon can determine exactly what you may need. Don’t let a fear of the procedures stop you from getting the dental care you deserve. Talk with your dentist about all of your options and enjoy a beautiful smile.