Specialized Treatment for Your Veins

There are various telangiectasias in the human body. Telangiectasias are commonly known as spider veins which are not really a disease and are not harmful to the body; but, undoubtedly, they are not pleasant to the eyes. There are various options for spider veins treatment in San Jose as well as in other cities in the United States.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins may appear in any part of your body, but are usually seen in the legs. These are formed when blood vessels are swollen and enlarged due to small valves in the blood vessels that are not working properly. When these small valves do not work well, the blood circulation in the veins will look for alternative routes; thus, micro-tearing some metabolism in the blood. This will result to lumps in the surface of the skin.

Where Do Spider Veins Appear?

As mentioned, spider veins commonly appear in the legs due to long periods of sitting and standing. Another main reason is heavy body weight that may be caused by obesity and pregnancy. Spider veins in the legs may occur anytime to people ages 18 to 35; the peak of occurrence is at the age of 50 and 60. There is high prevalence in women than men with the ratio of four to one due to the ability of women to become pregnant.

Another part of the body where you can see spider veins is the face. People who are light skinned, of European descent, and have rosacea are prone to have spider veins in the cheeks, nose and chin. Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by redness in the skin of light-skinned individuals. Men and women with rosacea are both prone to facial spider veins. The peak age for this condition is between 30 to 60.

Spider Veins Treatment in San Jose

Spider veins, generally, do not require any treatment; but if you are one of those people who have spider veins in the face, it is advisable to undergo appropriate treatment. The most common method being used for spider veins is sclerotherapy. In this method, a sclerosing agent, which is usually a saline, is injected in the veins in order to remove the blockage in the small veins. As a result, blood circulation will return to normal.

Another common method of treatment is what we call the laser treatment. Once the small veins are heated by the laser, these veins will collapse allowing good flow of blood in the nerves. Once the treatment is done, the redness in the skin will also be removed. However, laser treatments are not advisable for people with dark pigment skin because the melanin in the skin will absorb the heat of the laser, and the veins will not receive the heat at all.


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