Warning Signs that You Need an Expert in AC Repair in Snellville GA

Air conditioning units are meant to last for many years, but that doesn’t mean that you never have problems with them. In fact, if you don’t maintain your units properly or if they are several years old, you may start having issues. If you’re not sure when it’s time to call a professional, here are some warning signs to look for to help you make your decision.

The Unit Doesn’t Turn On
One of the most major problems you may encounter with an older AC unit is that it may just stop working. There are a few causes for this, but the most common cause is that the compressor has burned out. This can be the result of overuse or the result of overworking the unit. The only real fix for this is to replace the entire condenser unit, which can be very costly.

Water Puddles around the Unit
If you notice water puddles collecting around your AC unit, this could be cause for concern. Due to condensation, moisture is common. However, your AC unit has a way of taking care of that moisture instead of letting it puddle up around the unit. In fact, most units have a pan which collects the moisture and then it flows to a drain so you would never even notice it. If there are puddles around your unit, it’s an indication that there is a blockage somewhere that is not allowing the condensation to pass through. It’s best to have an expert in AC repair in Snellville GA check out your system to find the actual cause of the problem for you.

Extremely High Utility Bills
If you keep an eye on your monthly energy bills and they suddenly jump up to an abnormally high level, there may be a problem with your AC unit. Typically, an abnormally high bill is the result of an inefficient unit. The most common cause that your AC could be causing a larger bill is because the condensing coil is simply not working correctly. It could be clogged or choked, causing your AC unit to work extra hard to achieve normal operation. Contact a qualified company that performs AC repair in Snellville GA and schedule a service appointment to let them restore your AC coil’s performance or find out if something else is causing the problem.

Weird Noises
Does your AC unit make noises when you turn it on? A rattle or buzzing sound could be something as simple as a loose screw or something as complicated as a bent fan. Start by checking the accessible screws to see if any of them need tightening. If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact a professional to evaluate the problem for you.

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